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What If You Didn't Quit This Time?

Are you still carrying extra weight because you are constantly starting and stopping or getting "back on" a healthy routine because you just can't figure out how to be consistent? Did you know that is a form of self-sabotage? 

Have you ever noticed that at the beginning of your weight loss efforts you can do really well, but eventually you just fall back into old comfy habits & you don't know why? 

We believe you can learn how to be relentless when it comes to losing weight and creating an active healthy life. You can be coached on the process to become consistent so you finally lose weight and attain your goals.

This Is Your New Plan...

Decide If You Are Ready To Become Consistent. Your Decision To Commit To Yourself Is Essential If You Want To Get Fit & Lose Weight.

Get Info On Our Consistency Coaching Plans To See Which Plan Is Right For You Where You Are Right Now. 

Receive Habit, Behavior & Mindset Change Coaching To Support Your Journey To Real Results.

Getting Started Is Easy...

1. Try A Free Class To Get A Feel For Our Community. All Fitness Levels Are Welcome!


2. Take Our 21 Day Challenge For $21 & Receive A Light Version Of Our Accountability Coaching.

3. Schedule Your Membership Consultation To Discuss Your Goals & Create Your Plan Toward Consistency.

Real Results From Being Consistent...

"The D3 Lifestyle Accountability Program has been my personal game changer. The program is designed to help us change inside and out, so this transformation was not over night. I had to stay consistent and decide that I wanted to truly change. I made that decision and committed to the process. I am so happy I did. I am thrilled with the way I look and feel!

Boot Camp Diva Melodi

Exercise Habit Type: All In/All Out

"To me, it's more than just about losing the weight. It's about creating the mindset to change for good. I could exercise all the time but once I learned the mindset of how to eat through D3 coaching, I changed for good. I am now a Trainer and I love helping others learn and change too." 

Boot Camp Diva Evelyn

Exercise Habit Type: Bounce Back

"I will never forget this first picture. It was my first D3 class and we went outside and I had to run. Man, I hated to run! But fast forward to today--I am now a runner and so proud of myself! The D3 Lifestyle Accountability Program transformed my life, my body and my spirit. I feel like a brand new person. It was tough, but so very worth it! I've finally learned how to be consistent!" 

Boot Camp Diva Felicia

Exercise Habit Type: Start/Stop

"This 1st picture was my first day at D3. I will never go back! I always wanted to find the way to get fit and stay fit but I just didn't know how. Thanks to D3, I now know and I feel amazing. I even became a Drill Diva at D3 because my mindset has changed and I stopped the self-sabotage!"

D3 Drill Diva Ashley

Exercise Habit Type: All In/All Out

Consistency Coaching Plans For D3 Members...

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Meet The Exercise Habit Coach...

Hello & Welcome To D3!  

I understand what it’s like to have a deep desire to lose weight and create an active lifestyle. I struggled for years as a person who would start-get frustrated-stop and then start again. I found myself repeating the same goal stunting behaviors over and over again. I tried and failed on too many exercise fads and silly diets which only seemed to work temporarily but never produced long-term sustainable results. I was demoralized repeatedly until I realized I needed to deal with my own self-sabotage and create a new story for myself--and that is what I did, and you can too!  

I know how you feel. It sucks. And that is exactly why I created solutions for real people, just like you.  

Most of us do not reach our fitness and weight loss goals because we allow or subconscious minds to sabotage us and, keeping it real, we lack consistency. D3 teaches the process of consistency. D3 teaches the process of how to slay self-sabotage. Learn these processes & succeed.  

Know This: If you believe you can change, you will--because everything starts with your beliefs.  

Dre, The Exercise Habit Coach 

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